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The journey of music for GrandZ (pronounced grands) ,born Zachary Alexander Grandberry, has been a long, eventful one. At the age of 13, he sat at the family computer daily teaching himself to make beats after his older cousin gave him a music program for recording and production. As he was finding his way, he elevated his production ability by being a student of the game studying legendary producers such as Just Blaze, Kanye West, Timbaland, Quincy Jones, and the Neptunes. 
 While attending Marquette University, he performed at campus and local events. As he built a buzz with catchy songs , he garnered opportunities to production camps and selling beats to local artists in Milwaukee and Chicago. 
 In 2021, GrandZ has collaborated with his lifelong friend and singer ARLAY to create a R&B EP called the “Love Project”. Wearing many hats as an executive producer, music producer of the entire project, and co-writer of all songs (“On The Way”, “Soul Glo”, “Love Come Down”, “I Know”, “Why You Wanna”, “Back On The Road”, “Body”), he was able to cultivate the sound in a beautiful way to the masses. 
 With developments in hit songwriting and song arrangement, GrandZ has emerged with music that has resonated with all walks of life. To making songs to show his bravado and flashy habits (“Madonna”) to showcasing the introspective side of life, this era will provide music that the whole world will sing.

"Chicago rapper GrandZ returned to the scene with December 2021 single “Madonna,” a braggadocious banger with hard lines and snappy production by the artist himself."


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